In the last years, the NINEFEB GmbH has established itself particularly in the fields of management and business consultancy.


BEST assistance and consulting for you and your enterprise

NINEFEB places its main emphasis on consulting in after sales and service management. There NINEFEB helps you to realise the market development desired, efficient management processes, promising business models and clear organisation structures in your enterprise. In parallel, we offer you interims-management for rebuilding or restructuring your enterprise.


Beside quality management and process consulting, NINEFEB has also specialised in the areas of competition analysis, such as benchmarking.

We offer to develop – in co-operation with you – optimisation potentials in the after-sales process in order to minimise costs and time and to maximise quality. There we focus on the inner organisation, the service process and the systems deployed, and we perform competition analyses to finally ensure that you as a customer will be a satisfied customer.


In the context of innovation consulting, we offer you trend scouting, scenario management, innovation workshops and consulting in topics dealing with the innovation process. There you will receive support in the planning, developing, realising and marketing of innovative business ideas.


Strictly oriented on facing challenges and reaching goals!