Your future is also our future – because it is our aim to best prepare you for the future.

Future means to us to keep an eye on our customers' market conditions and their changes and to work on common projects.  We shape the future together with you as our customer. We develop new systems and innovative approaches, create new opportunities and ideas and meet new challenges!


Die NINEFEB Group has resolved to create an additional value for your success!

NINEFEB secures your competitiveness!

We achieve this through the development of innovations and through expertise in the after-sales area.

Cutting documentation costs!

Owing to our expertise in diverse fields, we get to the heart of the services you need. Through creating visual technical documentation or through optimising your editorial work, we will definitely achieve an astonishing cost-cutting. 

Increase the efficiency of your technical documentation!

Our innovative approach to solve problems will increase the efficiency of your technical documentation and provide a more rapid access to new business opportunities.

NINEFEB Philosophy

At a photo-shooting with the German Federal Skiing Instructors in spring 2013, we decided to visualise our entrepreneurial aims and our way of thinking.

As a traditional Austrian enterprise, we have chosen the Austrian Alps as the location of the photo-shooting, and we have associated our philosophy with skiing as a national Austrian sport! We did the shooting with a team of skiing instructors to show that top performance can be reached not only through rare exploits but through little and precise changes. And exactly this is our concern!

Where can you find the NINEFEB Group?

The know-how locations of the NINEFEB Group are in Vienna and Graz; however, our employees operate anywhere in Europe in order to assist you on site. 

NINEFEB Group in 1100 Vienna, Laxenburgerstraße 2 (directly at the Vienna Main Railway Station)

Tel +43 1 600 2000

Fax +43 1 600 2000-999


Formerly reinisch Austria GmbH – today the NINEFEB Group

In 2002, reinisch Austria GmbH was founded in Graz as a subsidiary of the German reinisch AG. The enterprise started as a classical engineering office and quickly grew in the following years. Soon other offices where established, first in Vienna, then at Dornbirn.


10 years' jubilee – After ten years, the company structure underwent a change in February 2012. In the course of a management-buy-out, reinisch Austria GmbH was transferred to NINEFEB GmbH. Since November 2012, the former reinisch Austria GmbH has the new name NINEFEB Technical Documentation GmbH. NINEFEB Technical Documentation remains one of the most successful enterprises in Austria and in Europe who offer support in technical-documentation issues.

On 9 February 2012, NINEFEB GmbH was founded by a former member of the executive board of reinisch AG, DI Bernhard Waage, and the managing director of reinisch Austria GmbH, Dr. Harald Stadlbauer. As an umbrella organisation, NINEFEB GmbH is to support its subsidiaries NINEFEB Technical Documentation and NINEFEB Personal Services as well as their customers with central services such as management- and business consultancy.

Since summer 2014, the NINEFEB Group has a new member. In order to meet the customers' wide-ranging requirements concerning technical documentation with a suitable offer, NINEFEB Personal Services GmbH was founded as an employment agency. It is to support NINEFEB Technical Documentation.

What does NINEFEB stand for?

NINEFEB GmbH was founded by Dr. Harald Stadlbauer and DI Bernhard Waage. Looking for something they might have in common, they found that they have the same birthday – 9 February –, from which the name NINE (9) FEB (February) is derived.