NINEFEB Personal Services

Because of a staffing shortage you urgently need technical support by experts? You have come to the right place. NINEFEB Personal Services provides you with technical expertise just for the time you need it.

NINEFEB Personal Services closes the gap in your resources quickly, custom-made, flexibly and reliably! Benefit from the NINEFEB Group's experience in the field of technical documentation gained through many years.

„The human being is at the centre of interest“

We strengthen your competitiveness through the deployment on site of personnel capacities tailor-made for your enterprise with the appropriate expertise.

Our employees have the following qualifications:

·         Technical writer

·         Designing engineer

·         Software tester

·         Software developer

·         Project manager


The skill levels of our personnel

·         Junior (energetic support in case of a staffing shortage)

·         Advanced (takes on tasks and individual subsections, acts self-dependently after consultation)

·         Expert (many years of experience, takes charge of individual subsections and manages and co-ordinates projects)


NINEFEB Personal Services provide low-priced tailor-made solutions to

ü       Staffing shortages

ü       Seasonal sales fluctuations

ü       Extraordinary situations, e.g. temporary order peaks, large-scale projects or trade fairs

ü       Worldwide expansions

Why you should decide on NINEFEB Personal Services

Saving time - We select and choose the most-suitable employee for you.

Technical know-how & technical experience – Our employees are always up to date, have an enormous technical know-how, have gained experience in other enterprises, other industrial sectors and through other activities. They will satisfy your needs.

Quality – Entrusting a specialised, state-of-the-art provider will give you access to the latest technologies. This way, tasks will be fulfilled more efficiently and at a higher quality, and they can be monitored and managed through day-to-day project controlling.

Our employees - are self-dependent, able to work under pressure, willing to travel, reliable, available, good at communicating, flexible, co-operative; they show initiative, work well in a team, etc.

Cost planning - Owing to a fixed price per hour, you can easily plan the costs for months in advance.

Scalability - We can provide other or additional employees for you any time. You have the option to interrupt or terminate the co-operation – we cater for your specific needs.

Wide array of services – We offer you assistance in tasks like editing technical documentation, consulting, project management, knowledge management, risk analysis and assessment, translation management and training.

Simply access the know-how pool of the NINEFEB Group!

„Personnel leasing on the highest level“