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Winter 2014

NINEFEB's Response to Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial RevolutionIndustry 4.0 – is a daily issue with many manufacturing enterprises. New information and communication technologies have lead to a change from simple manufacturing to a self-organised, system-controlled production. The classical fields of work in industry are slowly disappearing, with information interconnection being a decisive feature.


In the course of this, NINEFEB has set out for providing manufacturing enterprises with an adequate response to Industry 4.0 in the services sector:

After Sales 4.0

After Sales 4.0 is a concept created by NINEFEB to interconnect information for the sake of an improved rendering of services; it serves to support production and service processes. Excessive service and life cycle costs, error frequency and lacking process steps or organisational processes will be things of the past. A well-directed interconnection and provision of resources can quickly eliminate problems in the after-sales area. Given the keen competition from the emerging markets, through after-sales efforts you can distinguish yourself from others and you can increase your turnover and keep it on a high level.

NINEFEB have developed the expertise for this and lead a business incentive with customers and partners for a strengthening of the European industry.

Trust in our toolbox and expertise!

We show you the way! 

Winter 2014

CHECK the Technical Documentation with DOKUCHECK

Are your manuals reliability-proof? How reliability-proof are they? Are you not entirely sure and would you like to know?

You are a manufacturer of machines or plants and would like to know whether your technical documentation is up to the legal requirements. For little money, NINEFEB offer you a review of your technical documentation, especially with regard to safety issues, in order to point out possible flaws. Just send us your operation or maintenance manuals per e-mail, and within a short time you will receive your personal DOKUchecK!

What we offer you and how we proceed

We check the documentation for compatibility with legal requirements, European-law provisions and safety directives. Our experienced technical writers will give you a rough overview of the essential criteria. All findings and recommendations will be written down in a comprehensive report. If your documentation should need revision for meeting the legal requirements, European-law provisions and safety directives, a non-binding tender to this effect will be submitted to you free of charge. If you commission us to revise your documentation, the fee for the DOKUchecK will be discounted from the overall price. This gives you a chance to establish a base for future liability-proof manuals!


The benefit of a Dokucheck for your enterprise

  • You will receive a clear, well-structured and concise summary of the flaws, risks, strengths and weaknesses of you technical documentation, assessed according to the school grading system.
  • Should your documentation really need improvement, NINEFEB will give you energetic support. A clear and liability-proof documentation will also be of advantage to you as a manufacturer in that your customers will be able to make optimum use of your product. If you have your documentation checked and revised once by us, you can yourself create liability-proof documentation in the future. This means for you in the long run: process optimisation, quality control and cost-cutting!

What are you waiting for? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Spring 2014

Next Generation

Nowadays the various demands on technical documentation almost contradict one another. On the one hand, liability security calls for increasingly comprehensive information, on the other hand, people are less willing to read. Who is interested in reading through lengthy explanations and pages of safety notes?

What is called for today are products that can be used as simply and as quickly as possible and an efficient training that makes this possible. It is therefore high time to provide new meaningful alternatives. But what are new and meaningful alternatives to the classical paper-bound technical documentation?

So far we and customers of ours have made positive experiences with services such as the creation of 3D graphics, the creation and use of videos and e-learning. But this is by far not all …

Next Generation required of us to create a service or a product which meets the requirements made by Smartphone and Tablet.

As early as spring 2013, together with one of our long-standing customers, we started a pilot project on the topic "technological progress". We got the chance to provide this customer with a "spare-parts catalogue via Tablet"..

The project turned out extremely successful – this form of presentation of a spare-parts catalogue allows you and your customers to obtain information in a simpler, quicker and more convenient way and to detect errors more quickly and therefore to prevent them.

With a spare-parts catalogue via Tablet, it only takes a few steps to get a precise description of your product together with the accompanying explanations, graphics, warning notices and much more.


NINEFEB is therefore committed to continuing intensive work on the possibilities of Next Generation. As for now, we can offer you, apart from the simple electronic presentation of spare-parts catalogues, also numerous other services, such as data entry, the creation of a spare-parts catalogue on an XML or CMS basis or as PDF or in Microsoft Access.

The possibilities of mobile applications of NINEFEB range from spare-parts catalogues over service and documentation portals to diagnosis apps.

But this is not all …

NINEFEB has already a spare-parts catalogue system of its own! This is an XML-based spare-parts catalogue which provides you with:

ü       On- and offline version

ü       Integration of graphics, descriptions, videos, etc. (possible)

ü       Insert of notices, additional documents or plans

ü       Access to exemplary demo-catalogues following online registration

ü       Use for Tablets

ü       Generation of self-defined work contents with DOKU GENERATOR

ü       And much more …