Safely achieving your aim through knowledge generation!

Communicating knowledge?

Transferring knowledge?

Raising awareness?

How to use which media?


Thanks to the experience gained in many years in the field of knowledge management, we have the know-how needed for training and instruction. Our aim is communicating knowledge, transferring knowledge and raising awareness in order to help you to meet new challenges and to foster the acquisition of expertise in a particular field. For this we have developed a comprehensive training portfolio.

1.      Standard training in the field of technical documentation

2.      Company-specific training and services in technical documentation


Standardised communication of knowledge

Do general topics need to be covered, e.g. the implementation of new standards or the deployment of well-established solutions?

Then NINEFEB is the right partner for you. We instruct and train your employees by means of an active knowledge transfer from our editors and consultants so that problems in your enterprise can be prevented in the future. For this we provide a clearly structured overview of all current technical issues.



Often there is a need to quickly make use of a product and to be trained in the use of the product as quickly as possible. High time therefore to offer new practical alternatives.

The development of computer-based learning is fostered by the necessity of life-long training in combination with the rapid development of the computer industry, and consequently with new methods of shaping contents (especially hypertext and multimedia). Clearly defined quality criteria for the drafting of learning contents, especially as regards interactivity and multimedia-based contents, and a uniform appearance ensure exciting, comprehensive and motivating lessons.

NINEFEB compiles and creates the learning contents for you and offers comprehensive consulting on the choice of the media most suitable for the target group: graphics, text, animation, video or a mix of several options. Beyond that we take on the entire development of the concept. E-learning alone is not yet the ideal solution for your enterprise and the training of your customers or employees. Only with the choice of a suitable learning management system can we find a first-class solution for you!

Based on this and following the creation of learning contents, NINEFEB offers you possibilities of self-check and automated evaluation, checklists or procedure models for quickly gaining an overview of the newly acquired knowledge. 

Learning is fun again!!


Classical learning methods & learning methods interconnected with the Internet

As an extension of the far-developed e-learning, also blended learning has been established in the NINEFEB organisation. This is a form of integrated learning where we support you in the development of the concept. We offer advice for the choice not only of the most beneficial methods for your enterprise but also of a suitable media concept. 

Specific customer requests

We offer not only standardised training but also customer-specific training.

We prepare the training materials in all media appropriate and conduct the training sessions, thereby taking into account all relevant and situation-specific requirements and requests as specified by you.

Through our "virtual" support services, such as the Infoportal or the "CallCenter" hotline, we provide help for self-help. We organise and conduct NINEFEB training at any location you wish – in Austria, in Europe, anywhere in the world.