Knowledge Management

The knowledge base of a company (its intellectual business capital) has become a decisive corporate factor just like its financial capital, its work performance and its brand or market value. This fact is ignored by many companies, especially with regard to the after-sales area.


Knowledge is a decisive production factor of the future

Through its use, knowledge does not become less but more. Knowledge is therefore a decisive production factor of the future! A successful knowledge management in your company will result in an improved company organisation, because the exchange of knowledge and experience can streamline business workflows and detect and eliminate redundancies and a waste of resources. Knowledge management also fosters your company culture – through stimulating communication within your company, which furthers mutual understanding among different departments.

Have you knowledge carriers? Do you know who they are? Have you ever imagined what will happen if they all of a sudden leave your company?


„From individual to structured knowledge“

Therefore we assist you in establishing knowledge management. This includes the acquisition, the management and the transfer of knowledge and also the ideal processing, use, classification and archiving of your knowledge.

Knowledge management is based on data which cannot simply be gathered or purchased. It is data which comes into existence only through the combination of information with knowledge that already exists in the heads of the employees.

Knowledge acquisition means that we will collect for you the knowledge already existing in your company. For this, we apply tried and tested methods for securing and clarifying knowledge. The next step is an inherent acquisition of knowledge during the regular working processes through enterprise search and indexing of the findings in order to generate knowledge from company-internal search engines. For simple and quick solutions, the sources of knowledge can be notes, e-mails and records of meetings. In addition, we can offer you knowledge acquisition through well-structured categorisation and segmentation of knowledge with the help of taxonomy.

Apart from the generation of knowledge, the administration of knowledge is an essential part of knowledge management. We assist you in linking your expert knowledge with the documentation and at introducing e-learning so that the knowledge obtained can be made better use of.

NINEFEB also helps you to reach the ideal structuring of your knowledge, either through taxonomies or through automated structuring of your knowledge. In parallel with the structuring of your knowledge, we perform all analyses necessary to obtain information about problems that might have arisen in the context of knowledge management.

To secure your corporate knowledge, our knowledge management portfolio has been rounded off with the development of and the data entry into knowledge databases.

Your valuable corporate knowledge should not only be generated, structured and archived, but also be passed on to the respective target groups through an organised knowledge transfer. To this end, NINEFEB helps you with controlled expert interviews, so that the knowledge obtained can be categorised for the knowledge transfer planned and processed for a final structuring.