Technical Documentation


„Holistic, modular, liability-proof“

Developing a product nowadays is much more than merely building it physically. A product can be sold only if the technical documentation prescribed by law is provided with it. Writing the technical documentation is a task shunned by most companies. We as your external service provider can take it over from you or we can assist you in creating holistic, modular and liability-proof technical documentation! NINEFEB ensure that the technical documentation meets the technical and legal requirements, is clear and comprehensible, correctly formulated and visually rendered as requested.

Our technical-documentation service provides you with all types of documentation you need to reach your objectives. What we as an external service provider need more than manufacturer-specific know-how is the knowledge and experience in choosing and applying tools and target media.

„We make technology tangible!“

Liability and safety

When compiling technical data and writing the technical documentation, the technical writer has to  pay attention to national and international rules and regulations and operator-specific standards, to the completeness and clarity of certain information, to the pointing out of all potential dangers and risks (safety notes), to target-group-oriented description of a product etc.

Practically speaking, technical documentation is an integral part of a product. If a product is delivered without technical documentation or with technical documentation that does not conform to the law, the manufacturer is liable for any damages that may arise from this.

Our employees are experts in the various industrial sectors: they do not need long training or significant research work but can usually be deployed in your company immediately for qualified technical-writing tasks, including quality control and risk assessment. Knowing the technical regulations, they can also assist you in the validation process for obtaining CE certification for your products, thus helping you to enter the market more quickly.

Graphics services

Beside working to standards, rules and regulations and aiming at language correctness of our texts, we place importance on visual design through graphics and videos, because this has become an essential element of technical documentation.

Therefore, under the motto

„Don’t say it, display it“

we offer you assistance in creating and revising graphics. Illustrations and visual instructions can add tangibility and explanatory power to products, technical issues and processes.

Why you should make use of our graphics services

ü       with 3D, you can save time through a shortened „Time to Market“

ü       with 3D, nothing needs to be airbrushed out if it does not exist

ü       with 3D, the same construction can be visualised differently

ü       with 3D, properties and function can easily be illustrated

ü       with 3D, products can be realistically depicted even before they come into existence

ü       with 3D, insights and views can be generated which would not exist otherwise

ü       with 3D, insights and views can be animated and moved interactively

ü       3D-artificial representations are mostly more attractive than images of reality

Creation tools

No matter which tool you are using or planning to use for your technical documentation, we can offer you assistance, because we of NINEFEB have technical knowledge in all professionally used programmes.


Creation of illustrations and graphics

Our NINEFEB Graphics Team offers you processing of 2D und 3D data from all common CAD systems.