Consulting in Technical Documentation - Effective and Professional

Specialised in the Austrian and European markets, our employees have gathered professional know-how in technical documentation over more than ten years. We would like to offer you our know-how to help you to cope with the challenges you face. Our team of experts can develop tailor-made solutions which can help you to reach your goals.


We open up opportunities for your enterprise


A customer relationship does not end with a terminated production process and a conclusion of a business transaction, but it even outlasts the duration of the operating life of a product or a service. Therefore we go by the rule: 

„After-sale is pre-sale!“

And it is exactly here where the professional NINEFEB After-Sales Management comes in. Because we ensure that your documents will be integrated in the process. Under consideration of all components, NINEFEB interconnects the diverse processes in order to reach clear structures and the best-possible optimisation. We can offer you this for all after-sales activities (e.g. setting up time targets or optimising workshops with simulation studies), also for an integrative approach to training methods, especially to e-learning, which is gaining an increasing importance. 


Cutting costs. Raising efficiency and quality. Liability security.

We advise you on process integration, on the organisation of the technical documentation and on the increase in efficiency. We ensure that the costs of the creation and administration of the technical documentation are minimised. This can be achieved through the modularisation and re-use of contents, layouts and structures; furthermore through single-sourcing and the use of XML formats, functional design and the appropriate metadata. In addition, we focus on quality assurance and the realisation of economisation potentials.

Next to process integration, the interconnection of information and the increase in efficiency, another essential decision criterion is the maximum reduction of costs. Here NINEFEB can give you comprehensive advice on the choice of the editing system most suitable for you. We also offer to structure all data, to develop concepts, to write editorial guides and to advise you on the most-appropriate search options.

A well-functioning quality assurance process is necessary for creating technical documentation efficiently, at low cost and well structured – and for fulfilling the requirements of liability security.

Therefore, we of NINEFEB focus on advising our customers on liability-proof technical documentation. We take into account and comply with the machinery directive applicable, and you will receive technical documentation liability-proof for the entire industrial sector.


„Who communicates what with what?“

Another consulting activity, which is increasingly gaining importance in the NINEFEB portfolio, is knowledge management. There we can supply you with dynamic documentation, which helps to preserve and structure "knowledge" as your enterprise asset and also to facilitate a knowledge transfer to your employees and customers.

Especially in the field of knowledge management, NINEFEB make use of media didactics, e.g. E-learning. A practical application would be the deployment of new media for further education and knowledge transfer.