CE Services

When it comes down to designing your product to suit the applicable legal provisions and technical specifications or to reducing uncertainty of the market caused by the legal situation, our NINEFEB CE Services provide you with all information on the safety of machinery, plants and controls. 


We of NINEFEB offer you support with the creation of the company-internal documentation needed for complying with the essential safety requirements and help you with the implementation of diverse standards in your customer documentation.

First of all, we assist you in risk assessment according to the DIN EN ISO 12100 standard on the safety of machinery, risk assessment and risk reduction. When it comes to obtaining a CE mark for a product, NINEFEB assists you in the certification process.

As a concluding service, you will receive comprehensive counselling in the applicable directives (Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive etc.) or also in the implementation of harmonised standards.

 We can help you to eliminate uncertainties!