NINEFEB Technical Documentation

The growing number of media calls for integrated solutions which include the technical documentation.

Wide range of services

Therefore we provide a wide range of services: classical documentation services (editing work and graphical layout), consulting, designing processes, knowledge management, CE services and trainings, translation management and the publication as a print or electronic medium.

In addition to this wide-ranging portfolio of services, the NINEFEB Service Hotline is available to you. There you can get quick answers to "small" questions, either through the telephone or through TeamViewer© counselling.

Why you should draw on NINEFEB as a service provider for technical documentation

Complexity – You are aiming at harmonising complexity, correctness, functionality and maintainability of your products.

NINEFEB assists you in creating technical documentation through individual approaches, through accompanying support measures and through the experience of our employees. We transform complex contents into easily comprehensible structures, thus providing clarity for the end-users of your products.


Your external service provider with customer focusEven before a new product is introduced onto the market, calling in NINEFEB can improve the process of development and can help to find errors early to reduce processing costs and to shorten production processes.

In addition to assisting customers in the creation of technical documentation, we of NINEFEB have committed ourselves to providing a comprehensive service in order to accompany and support customers during the entire production process (market entry) and also after that (service management).

And it is here where the customer focus as a  factor of success comes in: development of efficient solutions, high-quality service, flexibility, individual support, precision in connection with speed, project integration, flat hierarchies, expertise and quick access to knowledge within the company organisation – all these ensure that your projects will be concluded successfully and in time.

What is more important than the knowledge of a product and its particularities is the experience regarding the application of legal provisions and the tools and target media (editorial systems etc.) of technical documentation.


Competitive advantages Quality nowadays is the most influential factor in the creation of technical documentation. This influences not only the decision to buy but also full utilisation of a product and the avoidance of handling errors. This is why high-quality documentation contributes to customer satisfaction and to the creation of value.


Your reliable partner owing to our specialistsNINEFEB provides an enormous range of services, including comprehensive know-how regarding technical documentation. Owing to our specialists, you can benefit from a steady transfer of services and exchange of knowledge, which secure all quality processes and bring about an outstanding overall result. Our team is composed of an ideal mix of specialists with many years of professional experience: technicians, engineers, designers, editors, consultants, project managers, trainers and translators.


Efficient project management Owing to their technical knowledge, the technical writers of NINEFEB can join a project team and start working efficiently without requiring a long start-up time. Since time schedules are getting more and more rigid, NINEFEB provides professional project management for large and medium-sized projects. We use state-of-the-art resources to deploy and pass on the project know-how quickly.


On site – For optimum integration in the various system landscapes, we aim at working in close contact with our customers. For this, our employees are prepared to support you on site, even anywhere in Europe. This way they can easily integrate in the processes on site and best contribute useful information and profound knowledge.


Innovations To help you to become more successful and speedy on the dynamic market, we continually expand our service portfolio and adapt it to the customers' needs, through new systems, new ideas, further education and new developments. Our broad service portfolio is flexibly structured across the various activity lines, and we steadily keep up with economic and technological trends. For years NINEFEB has placed emphasis on innovation in order to help customers to solve problems and to meet challenges. We adapt our service portfolio to the customers' needs and not vice versa.

Through the application of the newest methods and technologies, we help you to fulfil the ever increasing requirements and to sustainably lower your expenses for technical documentation. For this we apply modulating and standardising concepts, new innovative products and XML-based editorial systems.


Objectivity – As an external service provider, we look at fields of activity from a different angle. Through our more objective approach, we can recognise problems at an early state and avoid them – we prevent tunnel vision