Our presence in the industrial world

Today NINEFEB are active in the most diverse industrial sectors throughout Europe and even in other parts of the world. Owing to the experience gained through many years, we can provide the best solutions and services for multi-layer products. We consult you holistically and without bias in all matters.

The NINEFEB Group stands for maximum industry experience!



We create documentation for tramways, regional and urban trains, high-speed trains, underground railway, rail construction vehicles and special-purpose vehicles.

In RAILWAY TECHNOLOGY, we provide the complete documentation service: operation, maintenance, repair and driver manuals and electronic spare-part catalogues, with logical interconnection among the various manuals possible. Our services include editorial work, visual design, consulting regarding modularisation and re-usability of information as well as regarding the choice and introduction of the best-suitable editing system. Apart from that, we create working instructions according to the DB directive RIL 900.0503 and repair manuals according to RIL 900.0504.


NINEFEB provides professional support for a wide range of processes, such as the creation of modular product documentation, after-sales planning and the audit of workshops. This includes regular operation manuals with visual design and workshop and diagnostic documentation.

Dealing with the AUTOMOTIVE industry, NINEFEB focuses on interactive documentation with the integration of spare parts, the evolution of diagnosis trees, development to MTM time targets, optimisation of workshops with simulation studies and the mobile creation and presentation of Tablet apps. 


Technical documentation must be created especially in the context of the production and the operation of MACHINERY and PLANTS. This is due to product liability as well as to national and international directives and legal provisions. 

Whether you are a manufacturer or an operator, NINEFEB assists you in preparing a liability-proof documentation. In particular, we offer you the creation, revision and adaptation of operation and maintenance manuals for MECHANICAL and PLANT ENGINEERING for all markets of the world. We prefer creating the documentation only once and re-using it, or parts of it, by automatic or semi-automatic means. This way, the documentation can essentially be applied to new target markets, it merely needs adaptation.

New technologies, new developments and new production steps are prerequisite for innovating MACHINERY and PLANTS. State-of-the-art work is necessary for competing successfully. We can support you in creating technical documentation and in rendering it liability-proof, which will make it easier for you to enter new markets and will lower your documentation expenses in the long run.

In order to meet these demands and to support after-sale activities as much as possible, we have complemented our portfolio with assembly and disassembly simulations, and this with an extraordinary success.

For your MACHINERY and PLANTS, we offer operation and maintenance manuals, product brochures, marketing materials, technical reports, training materials, inspection and diagnosis instructions, spare-part catalogues, wiring diagrams and 3D graphics. We would be pleased to assist you with documentation management packages in the maintenance of plants.


NINEFEB has many years of international experience in creating technical documentation for AGRICULTURAL and CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY. We are the ideal partner and guide especially for operating and retrofitting instructions as well as for diagnosis, maintenance and repair manuals.

We have a broad know-how in the drafting of style guides and adapting them to the legal situation of the target markets; this includes partially automated integration of sections of sub-supplier documentation. In addition, NINEFEB provides the development to MTM time targets, FMEA moderations and risk analyses.


Also IT and SOFTWARE enterprises are in need of support with their technical documentation. For this, we of NINEFEB create manuals, online help and documentation for software development, and we assist you in testing your software.

For creating software documentation, NINEFEB has devised its own methodology – context-sensitive single-sourcing –, which enables us to generate all types of documentation (e.g. online help and user manuals) from a single source. ets, FMEA moderations and risk analyses.


All CONSUMER ELECTRONICS (whether entertainment electronics or domestic appliances) must be customer-friendly and understandable for every consumer; preferably with little text, clear illustrations and instructions easy to follow. And, of course, mobile availability must not be forgotten in case of Smartphone, Tablet or Notebook.

NINEFEB supports you here in every respect, e.g. the generation and translation of the instructions for use and the creation of quick-start instructions without text, which you can provide world-wide without translation expenses. For cutting printing costs, we provide the implementation of software on your mobile terminal equipment.


Technical documentation must also be produced in case of clinical studies, of inspections by the authorities or of the introduction to the market of medical devices. NINEFEB supports you in creating and revising this documentation through precise and exact work and in due consideration of all European legal provisions and standards. For this we evaluate the general and basic requirements according to the respective legal provisions.


Next to creating and editing operation and maintenance instructions for machinery, plants and vehicles, we have taken on the task of supporting companies of the building industry with our services.

With user brochures or building documentation for residential or office buildings, NINEFEB provides a concise overview of the essential modalities relating to the BUILDING INDUSTRY. This includes information to be heeded at the transfer of flats, general instructions for use, descriptions of equipment, instructions for the operation, use and maintenance of devices (intercom system, lighting, heating, ventilation etc.) and remedial actions. This adds to the benefit which operators and users receive of a building as regards the use of devices, a compact management and filing of documents and a maximum saving of time and costs – the essentials for the modern facility manager.